DRAFT Ordinance 2021-04 Animal Control

Resolution 2021-04 Budgets

Ordinance 2020-02 Amending Chapter 3

Ordinance 2020-01 Collection & Disposal of Solid Waste

Ordinance 2019-02 2020 Meeting Calendar

Ordinance 2019-01, Traffic 

Proposed Ordinance, Fines and Forfeitures

Ordinance 2018-02, Amendments to Chapter 24, Home Occupations

Ordinance 2018-01. 2019 Meeting Schedule

Ordinance 2017-07, 2018 Meeting Schedule

Ordinance 2017-01, Compensation of the Clerk/Recorder

Ordinance 2017-02, Compensation of the Treasurer

Ordinance 2016-08, Adopting the Consolidated Fee Schedule for the Town of Leeds

Ordinance 2016-07, Adopting the 2017 Meeting Schedule

Ordinance 2016-06, Adopting the State Motor Vehicle Act

Ordinance 2016-05, amendments to the Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 17

Ordinance 2016-04, Zoning Agreement for the Grapevine Wash Properties

Ordinance 2016-03, Compensation of the Treasurer

Ordinance 2016-02, Compensation of the Clerk/Recorder

Ordinance 2016-01, amendments to Land Use Ordinance, Chapters 12, 23, 26

Ordinance 2015-10, 2016 Meeting Schedule

Ordinance 2015-09, adopting the Consolidated Fee Schedule for the Town of Leeds

Ordinance 2015-08, Leeds Impact Fee Administration System through 2025

Ordinance 2015-06, repealing the Public Safety Impact Fee Ordinance 05-09

Ordinance 2015-07, instituting a program for curbside collecction of residential recycling

Ordinance 2015-05, Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 26, Site Development Plans

Ordinance 2015-04, Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 17, Commercial District

Ordinance 2015-03, Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 7, Conditional Uses

Ordinance 2015-02, Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 20, Hillside Protection Overlay Zone

Ordinance 2015-01, Land Use Ordinance, Chapter 22, Signs

Ordinance 2014-02, 2015 Meeting Schedule

Ordinance 2014-01, Compensation of the Recorder (Clerk)

Ordinance 2008-11, Operation and use of Off-Highway Vehicles ("OHV") within the Town of Leeds

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